The Class of 2020 story

The Class of 2020 is truly special and resilient. I personally attest, my daughter and her cohorts are the children born post September 11, 2001 infamously 9/11. In the new millennium over 63 million American high school seniors have graduated and arguably enjoy memories of senior proms and other special activities.

However, in March 2020 the innocence was taken from the Class of 2020, when the Coronavirus forced America into lockdown. To complete their school year, the Class of  2020 was forced into modified learning conditions and had to forfeit experiencing all the traditional senior activities, like prom!

Resilience: As Americans slowly ventured outside, our nations “Breaking News” stories were slim congratulatory wishes for the Class of 2020, compared to protests and riots. Like most Americans, our high school graduation was adorned with hugs and kisses.

For the Class of 2020, social distancing prohibits being within 6 feet of them on their Special Day, “Graduation”. And the Class of 2020, amidst the Nation’s untimely crises, still stands proud!
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