Dealership Sponsorship

Sponsor the C/O 2020 VDC:
Interested in sponsoring your local C/O 2020 VDC, call The NetWorks Now @ 888.736.7262 ext: 700.

About the VDC? 
The VDC (Virtual Discount Card) is the modern version of traditional fund raising discount cards. Local merchants on our VDC can benefit from; FREE advertising, GOODWILL helping local organizations and churches, and of course acquire NEW customers.

How does the VDC work?
The VDC is an actual credit card size card, the user must present at time of visit for your deal/offer. The VDC deals/offers (called FREEpons) are digitally stored on our website. The user downloads the FREEpon and must present at time of use. *Merchants can change and track popular offers, which keep customers coming back.

ex: VDC w/ Sponsoring business